in·dem·nis noun from Latin: indemnitas, indemi(s).

uninjured; suffering no damage or loss; suffering no loss of wealth or property

Indemnis is the leader in developing and manufacturing parachute recovery systems for drones. Indemnis was built for drone operators, by drone operators who believed that a reliable safety solution was the key to enabling full integration of drones into the National Airspace System. The company is passionate about making safe, regulated commercial flight over people possible and easily accessible to operators. Indemnis is focused on providing a complete enterprise fail-safe solution without limitations, both the data and hardware necessary to expand the commercial use of drones. The Indemnis advanced fall detection software and patented deployment system has allowed them to become the solution that is unmatched in the market today.

Nexus Parachute Recovery System (PRS)

How does the Nexus work?

The Nexus is a ballistic parachute launcher. It is a welded tube, that is inverted and houses a parachute. When the drone experiences a failure, the Nexus deploys and inflates the tube to 30PSI in under 30 milliseconds. The rapid inflation of the tube throws the parachute at 90 mph, while also shielding the parachute lines during the deployment. Once fully inflated, the tube becomes a rigid extension of the airframe that physically moves the attachment point of the parachute lines away from the drone body and propellers, thus escaping entanglement and allowing the parachute canopy to open effectively 100% of the time.

What is the orange tube made of?

The tube is made from a composite material that contains Dyneema fibers. Dyneema is the strongest fiber in the world, it is fifteen times stronger than steel. Indemnis developed the patented technology to weld the Dyneema composite material. There is no other material on the market that would be able a ballistic launch of the same force and no other deployment method could launch the parachute with the same speed.

What actually triggers the Nexus?

The system includes both an automatic triggering system for deployment and a manual triggering device as an option.

Do you have a ``kill switch`` or flight termination system to stop the propellers from spinning?

The Nexus has an integrated flight termination system (FTS) that stops the propellers spinning and reduces the risk of laceration injury to people on the ground. Regardless of whether a deployment is initiated automatically or manually, the FTS will stop the propellers from spinning.

Are the aerodynamics or CG affected?

Yes, but very minimal. Anything foreign put on an aircraft will affect the CG but the system is designed to minimize the effects on aerodynamic performance. The aircraft maintains flight maneuverability and there is no noticeable difference in flight characteristics under normal conditions.

Is there a loss in flight time loss with the Nexus installed?

On the Inspire 2 with an X5s on board, the operator will experience about 3-5 minutes of flight loss on the battery life on a single charge cycle (with fresh batteries).

Is there an audible warning on deployment?

Yes. After deployment, the Nexus will produce very loud beeping sounds to alert people below the drone has experienced a failure and is descending. The manual triggering device transmitter also has audible status updates.

How long does it take to install the Nexus?

The Nexus has quick release compression clamps that attach to the arms of the aircraft, depending on the model, and one cord that gets plugged in. This allows for a quick and easy 30 second installation each time it is used, with easy removal for transport/storage when not in use.

To retrofit the Inspire 2, the initial set up takes an additional 5 minutes to install and secure an electrical component. This process is only needed the very first time that you use a Nexus on the Inspire 2. The other platforms do not require this process.

Will the Nexus deploy in the event of a full power failure?

Yes. The Nexus harvests power from the aircraft during normal flight conditions but is a fully self-contained system that is designed to deploy in the event of a full power failure. Does not rely on the aircraft for operation and can deploy independently if necessary.

Help Purchasing

What drones does the Nexus work on?

The Nexus is drone specific. Pre-sale units are available for the DJI Inspire 2.

The DJI M200, DJI M210 and M600 will be available in late 2019.

Systems for small UAS are in the development pipeline and early access to release of upcoming products will be made available to our distributors.

How can I buy the Nexus?

The Nexus will be available for distribution through select DJI enterprise retailers. If you are interested in purchasing a unit, please click here to apply for beta program and be notified when a list of distributors and package prices becomes available.

Will the system allow me to obtain my fight over people waiver?

The Nexus will be sold as a complete enterprise fail-safe solution without limitations.

The Nexus package is comprised of the physical hardware, pilot training program, waiver templates, and safety case data necessary for customers to achieve flight over people.

This safety case data includes the technical engineering, manufacturing, testing, and human injury assessments that civil aviation authorities, such as the FAA, will require as documentation for validation of the functionality and reliability of the Nexus integrated into the aircraft. Additionally, the package includes a pilot training course, operational risk assessments, and a waiver template that is specific to operations over people.

What are the benefits of becoming a distributor and how do I apply?

Benefits of distributorship include but are not limited to: Up to a 30% product pricing discount off MSRP; exclusive regional priority considered; early access to release of upcoming products; complete marketing materials provided; free product training course provided; educational live demo opportunities; opportunity to become an authorized Indemnis service center with discount on service parts; and early access to data needed for submission of FAA flight over non-involved persons waiver applications.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please send an email to sales “at” for more information.